University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject BUS 298:Organisational Development And Change

Session eight (Power and Change) and session 10 (Cross-Cultural Influences on Change) of this course discusses the topic which can derail most change programs if incorrectly used – power.

Your task is to compare Singapore and Australia in terms of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, and then discuss how national culture influences French & Raven’s ‘Five Bases of Power’.

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From there, argue a case that the use of power in change programs may more efficient, or less efficient if the organizational change is happening in Singapore or Australia.


A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed academic journal article references must be used. If there are fewer than 10, the section of the marking criteria “Appropriate references used” will automatically score zero.

The layout of the essay should follow the structure in the flier titled “Writing an Essay”, available from the Learning Centre at:

You are to use Chicago 16 referencing, following the requirements described at the official Murdoch Library page:

It is a requirement that ALL references used in text, whether they be direct quotes or paraphrases, use a page number. This is mandated in the Chicago 16 referencing guide, and has been in effect for over a year. See this page for examples.

If an assignment is submitted which uses in-text citations which refer to a source that has page numbers, and no page number is cited, then the section of the marking guide which is headed “Formatting of referencing. Referencing accuracy and conventions adhered to” will automatically zero.

A marking rubric for this assignment is in the “Assessments” section of Moodle. All other information regarding assessments, including this one, can be found in the Unit Guide.

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