BM2983: Develop Analytical and Critical skills Through the study of Human Resource Strategy and Processes: Human Capital Management Project 1 Report, NYP, Singapore

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University Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Subject BM2983: Human Capital Management Project 1

2. Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this project, learners will be able to:

1. Integrate knowledge and skills acquired from the human resource management modules including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and HR Analytics, and applying them at the workplace.

2. Develop analytical and critical skills through the study of human resource strategy and processes.

3. Identify best practices in human resource management through research and analysis.

4. Make recommendations based on research outcomes through oral and written presentations.

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3. Requirements

1. This is an individual assignment.
2. Students to choose ONE (1) topic after discussing with your company mentor.

a. Develop or Enhance an Employee Value Proposition

b. Develop or Enhance a Succession plan

c. Propose an Action Plan based on Insights Gathered from Analysis of key HR Metrics

d. Design and Develop an OJT Program for a Job Role

2a. Develop or Enhance an Employee Value Proposition

• Determine the perception of employees by conducting primary and/ or secondary research. This could include conducting employee surveys, focus groups, gathering exit interview data, employee engagement scores, and/or other appropriate means.

• Find out why employees remain with the company and why they leave. Ascertain what they like about working at the company.

• Using the information obtained, develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Alternatively, if the company already has an EVP, propose enhancements, changes or improvements to the existing EVP.

• Prepare a plan to communicate the EVP through different channels such as job advertisements and the company intranet.

2b. Develop or enhance a Succession Plan

• Identify positions / roles within the company that require succession planning by analyzing the company’s needs and development criteria. This could be done by collecting data through interviews, looking into an existing
succession plan or using any other appropriate means.

• Using the information obtained, develop / recommend tools to use for the selection of suitable candidates. Alternatively, if the company already has a succession plan in place, assess the tools used for selection of suitable candidates.

• Develop a succession plan by examining the challenges and issues faced by the company. Analyze the effectiveness of the existing plan if applicable and identify any gaps or areas for enhancement.

• Prepare a plan to implement and communicate the succession plan.

2c. Propose an Action Plan based on Insights Gathered from Analysis of key HR Metrics

• Determine and comment on the level of analytics maturity in the company
– e.g. analytics tools available, current uses of analytics

Select any two of the following areas for your study:
o Recruitment
o Retention
o Talent management
o Attrition
o Employee engagement
o Performance
o Productivity
o Learning & development

• Analyse at least 4 key metrics in each of the selected areas.

• Derive insights from the analysis and propose an action plan based on the insights gathered – i.e. make recommendations to the management on how to address issues derived from the analysis.

2d. Design and Develop an OJT Program for a Job Role

• Identify a job role and design an On-the-Job Training Programme (OJT) for that role.

• Determine the learning outcomes and the knowledge and skills to be acquired from the OJT.

• Identify the steps to perform each task, taking into account the organizational and industry standards and requirements.

• Determine the instructional and assessment methods.

• Design an OJT Blueprint and develop OJT materials such as handouts, worksheets.

3. Prepare a written report on your findings and present your findings at the project presentation.

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