BM1987 The ability to provide a clear and accurate summary of background, scope, and coverage of the Employment: Employment Law Assignment, NYP, Singapore

University Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Subject BM1987 Employment Law Assignment

This project carries a total of 100 marks and constitutes 50% of the overall grade for the module. The breakdown of marks is as follows:

  • The ability to provide a clear and accurate summary of background, scope, and coverage of the Employment Act relating to the case study  20
  • Identify and explain any potential violations of the Employment Act, employment rules, or guidelines. Comment with reference to relevant areas of the legislation, rules, and concepts where applicable.
  • Quality of recommendations on the company’s employment practices that will prevent future similar violations and promote harmonious employee-employer relationship.
  • Conclusion made relevant to report findings. Overall report format and language (e.g., proper referencing, use of proper sentences, any grammar mistakes etc.)
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