A Shortest-path Traveling Horse Problem (STHP) has a Start Cross Point: Bidirectional Search Algorithm Assignment, NUS, Singapore

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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Bidirectional Search Algorithm

Assignment Question:

A Shortest-path Traveling Horse Problem (STHP) has a start cross point and a goal point in the 3-D cube board with 6 side sub-boards (each has 100 cross points (10×10)). The length of each side of a square is 1. A horse can jump to a half-diagonal cross point like a Knight in chess. The Euclidean distance of each jump is √2²+1²= √5 see the example:

A Shortest-path Traveling Horse Problem (STHP)

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Please make your own new bidirectional search algorithm to find the shortest jump path from any start cross point to another goal cross point. Please show detailed steps for your algorithm. Please show a sample search tree to show how your new bidirectional search algorithm works. Please make the best effort to write a perfect solution.

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