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Updated on: 8th Jun 2022

Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds Essay Sample

This essay sample on Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds for Singapore students. Here we will cover the What are patient safety leadership WalkRounds?, Importance of PSLW, The benefits of PSLW, Instruction for Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds, etc.

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Introduction- Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds Essay

We can all agree that the safety of patients is of paramount importance. But have you ever wondered how the culture of patient safety works? In this sample essay, we shall be looking at the very same concept. For our topic of the decision shall be “Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds”.

Moving on, we shall be providing all the necessary information related to the topic. In addition to this, we will also be dividing the topic into different sections for the sake of simplicity and clarity.

Moreover, we shall be starting the sample essay with a definition of the same. Nevertheless, we also are including its other aspects like Importance, benefits, instructions and so on later on. Thus, without further adieu:

Main body- Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds Essay

What are patient safety leadership WalkRounds?

In recent times, the field of medicine and healthcare has progressed considerably. With each day techniques and technologies are being developed to help patients. However, despite this, patient safety is a major issue in healthcare institutes across the globe. Every year, 10s of thousands of people die from avoidable medical errors.

Thus, it gives rise to the need of developing an effective system that can help save these lives. Consequently, the patient safety leadership walkrounds or PSLW were developed.

Moreover, the term “PSLW” refers to a form or a system of patient safety culture. This process concerns educating the staff of the hospital on all levels including and especially the leaders. In addition to this, it also includes the informal interaction of leaders with frontline workers to improve the safety of patients.

Furthermore, PSLW is carried out in the Clinical department of the hospital. It involves three to five staff members as well as at least one leader. Regardless,  PSLW is quite an extensive process and holds immeasurable importance. Thus, we shall be taking a brief look at the importance of the same in the next section of the sample essay.

Importance of PSLW

In the previous section, we discussed why PSLW was developed and what it is. In the same fashion, here we shall be looking at the importance of  Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds. First of all, the reason, why PSLW is of uttermost importance, is that: It helps hospital management Improve patient safety.

In addition, it also helps hospitals develop an efficient patient safety culture. Thus, it will help them improve their standards. Consequently, hospitals will be able to avoid avoidable death due to medical errors. Moreover, leaders of hospitals can also improve their management decisions as per safety standards.

This implies that the importance of Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds is indubitable. Nevertheless, there are several other benefits provided by the same apart from the obvious. We shall be looking at these benefits in the next section of the sample essay.

The benefits of PSLW

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the benefits of Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds. This, without further adieu:

  • Establishing PSLW shows hospitals commitment to safety
  • Encourages changes towards better patient safety culture
  • Allows senior executives to learn more about patient safety
  • Helps hospital identify the for change in safety measures
  • Create a communication channel across different levels of management. Helps in the development of a plan for testing of new safety measures.

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Instruction for Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds

As the title suggests, we shall be discussing the instructions and guidelines for conducting a PSLW. Here, we shall be including the method, frequency, how, and were of the same.

In addition to this, we shall be dividing the section into sub-sections to avoid confusion. So without further adieu:

Basic ground rules of PSLW

First of all, we must clarify some basic ground rules related to this patient safety culture. These rules are as mentioned below:

Firstly, the hospital determines if should or should not announce the time as well as the place of PSLW. Moreover, whatever decision is made, it should be agreed upon by higher members of staff.

Second. the hospital should clarify to their employees that all the information related to Walkrounds is confidential in nature and should be treated as such.

Who should conduct it?

You may be wondering who carries out or conduct a PSLW. Well, it is conducted by a team which consists of three to five employe and one leader. The leader here can be anyone from higher management. For instance, CEO, COO, CMO, and CNO.

Frequency of PSLW

Maintaining the right frequency is as important as conducting Walkrounds themselves. Nevertheless, It should be conducted at least once a week, continually year long without cancellations.

While certain situations may result in postponing the walkarounds, they should still be carried out in the same week. Moreover, the members of the team should be regularly changed and every senior leader should participate.

Areas of the hospital to be covered

Here, we shall be looking at the areas of hospitals that are covered in PSLW. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Patient care units
  • Operating rooms
  • Emergency Department
  • Radiology Department
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratories

The format of PLSW

Lastly, here we shall be discussing the format of carrying out Walkrounds. Nevertheless, the exchange with the team should be structured in several ways. Some of these are:

  • Hallway conversations
  • Successive conversations with individuals
  • Interacting with employees having certain or specific work
  • Interacting in the same place every week.


The WalkRounds Program offers a cost-effective method that has been proven to save lives. The goal of the program is to reduce patient falls, pressure ulcers, and other serious injuries by providing one on one support for all patients who are at risk or experiencing these types of issues.

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