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LAW405 Trial advocacy TMA Assignment Sample SUSS

LAW405 Trial advocacy TMA Assignment Sample SUSS

The course for trial advocacy is blended towards a more empirical approach where law professional learn how to appear in court and what are the essentials for a successful advocate. As the law is one of the most dignified professions at a universal level and to retain its dignity, there are certain rules and regulations to practice.

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The profession is known to incorporate the discipline aspect and this course includes the trial advocacy that prepares the student to practice the profession properly. As you practice as an advocate not oy involve knowledge of the law and legal aspects but also incorporate the ethics, value, and morals for practicing.

To practice as an advocate is an art and this assignment sample explains the general principle of the trial process and interpreting the judgment and judge’s psychology that help in winning the case. A case involved various stages and commencing from drafting the case of the client to submit final arguments in the course, the journey being a long way to cover for an advocate.

Moreover to win the case along with accomplishing every stage smartly is the art of an advocate and includes examination, cross-examination, examination, affidavits, objection, evidence, examination of evidence, closing arguments, and ended with the judgment. The judgment can be in favor of any party and this assignment sample involves trial preparation, strategy, written advocacy skills, summary trials, hearing, and how to stick to the facts of the case.

As in the trial, an advocate of the need to present its fact in issue and the laws that are in support of such conflict and to determine the correctness of such provision depend upon the judge.

Therefore trial advocacy plays an indispensable role in the life of an advocate who wants to be a successful professional in the field. It is not important to win every case but what is important to be in this profession is to retain the dignity and prestige of this profession.

Assignment Solutions of LAW405 Trial Advocacy

At the end of this course, the students enable to learn the fundamentals of trial advocacy and able to practice as a lawyer with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Distinguish the various stages in civil and criminal proceedings from commencement to trial.

The legislation classified the dispute majorly in two categories that are civil and criminal. Both the field incorporates the number of substantive as well as procedural laws that make it quite clear that both the categories have different procedures for trial. As in the civil case, it is the suit that is filed by the plaintiff whereas in criminal motion it is a trial or proceeding that takes place.

The assignment sample explains the various stages that exist in civil and criminal proceedings that end at the stage of judgment or order. From filing a petition or case to defend it with the help of arguments, evidence, and examination, the processing has a long path to cover. From attaching and closing arguments to persuading the judge in favor of the case, arguments play a vital role.

2.Examine the overall structure of a trial, as well the procedural and evidential rules applicable at trial and interlocutory proceedings.

Winning any case, requires the advocate to produce relevant and admissibility rules in the court, and to do so, it is important to understand what evidence is relevant and admissible and what is not.

As every admissible evidence is relevant but not vice-versa and this assignment sample explains the meaning of evidentiary value, admissibility, relevancy, rules regarding evidence, and interlocutory proceedings.

Many times in civil cases, a person files interlocutory proceedings to obtain certain orders before a final concluding judgment and has a set of rules for the same.

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3.Analyze complex fact patterns and concepts, legal principles, rules, and arguments systematically.

For the systematic presentation of the case, the advocate needs to understand the factual position of the matter in-depth and for doing so, the assignment describes various methods and strategies that help in ensuring the same.

The most important component of advocacy is to decode the series of events and link every incident with each other. So it would form a real story and moving forward, the advocate need to present it in such a manner that sounds persuasive and in favor.

To meet such elements in the case, the advocate should have influential writing as well as oral or communication skills that furnish by this module. The objective I’m of the unit is to prepare the students with all such skills that are necessary for a successful advocate.

4.Formulate various advocacy strategies that effectively persuade a relevant audience.

In this assignment sample, the students will learn about various advocacy strategies that prove to be effective to create a strong influence on the judge’s mind.

This includes a clear orientation of facts with the strong support of case laws and judicial pronouncements Not only this creates persuasion in the courtroom it requires representing the facts of the case with enabling legal provision and strong oratory skills.

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