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COM 215 Public Relations in Society Assignment Sample Murdoch

COM 215 Public Relations in Society Assignment Sample Murdoch Singapore

The assignment sample covers the topic of public relations in society that play a major role in building the robust structure of any organization or nation. The public relations professional is the one who builds a nation with different strategies, theories, and PR approaches.

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Public relation is the subject that incorporates the connection of public relations and how globalization affects the public relations industry. The module explains the cross-cultural and multiculturalism in communication, as the cultural values influence the public relations experts. The course provides the mechanism of public relations in news media.

COM 215 Public Relations in Society Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students can understand public relations in society with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

 1. Explain the Public relations at the crossroads.

In this assignment sample, the public relation in society is being explained so that to enable the student is working as a PR professional in organization and asset in the economic growth of the state.

Public relations in society nowadays not only incorporated the traditional method but also talks about digital communication as it is digitalized era. For effective public relations, it is important to understand the concept in the light of digital means and insight into senior public relations professionals.

The solved assignment discussed the methodology, theories, and practices that are being done to analyze the PR that occurred via digital media platforms. The course explains the fundamental of good communication and how to effectively build relations in inter-organizational structures.

There are key attributes that help in building public relations and it’s about counselling, relationships, and social capital.

2. Aligning public relations with the demands of globalization: Conceptual foundations for a theory of global public relations.

Globalization is one of the landmark reforms that take place across the globe and in the era of globalization, the significance of public relations substantially increased. The module describes how public relation plays a crucial role in cross-national and cross-cultural dealings.

The assignment sample describes the influence of globalization on public relations and what are the methods that adopted by PR professional to prepare global industry. The assignment sample based on public relations in society illustrates current public relations scholarship and principles of socio-cultural variables that are taken into consideration in public relations.

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3. Asian multiculturalism in communication: Impact of culture in the practice of public relations in Singapore.

The module discussed the effect of culture in the working mechanism of public relations and how cultural values influence the practice of public relations in the state.

The assignment sample states the role of such cultural and cross-cultural values, as it is known that the state holds multiculturalism communication. In the state of Singapore, majorly 20 practitioners are exercising the functioning of public relations and deliver learning in collectivistic cultures.

The module incorporates the hybrid structure in a culture that exists in the state and form the multicultural cosmopolitan city. Such cities adopted modernity but keeping in mind the Asian culture and various studies in this field observed that public relation professional should be able to work in a multicultural atmosphere.

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4. The Portrayal of public relations in the news media.

The public relation in society also describes the implication of same in stories that embodied in form of various news media such as newspaper, television, magazine, social media, etc. In this assignment sample, the student will get to learn about how public relations play a crucial role in image branding, reputation management, advertisement campaign, influential powers, etc. The portrayal of public reaction in news media strongly advocates publicity, ads, campaign to influence, marketing that includes traditional as well as contemporary strategies, etc. On the other hand, it also discusses how public relations unfolds the negative aspect in new media via journalist’s stories and how such professionals influence two-way communication.

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5. Public relations (PR) in nation-building: An exploration of the South African presidential discourse.

Public relation professional play a significant role in shaping and strengthening nation-building with the help of national unity and integrity. In building the nation, political discourse also has a special role and this assignment sample describe how such presidential speech work in nation-building.

Moreover, in nation-building, the relationship mechanism, managing, maintaining, and control can be the core aspects. This module explains various public relation strategies that shape nation-building with the help of presidential discourse in democracy prevailed in South Africa state.

It also describes and analyzes comparatively the important dimension or approaches that help in presidential discourse. Some of the relationship management, democracy, national unity, development, etc.

All such research fosters the development and growth of the state, formulation of a common identity, social cohesion, etc. It also discusses how social media and platforms help in public relations along with effective cases.

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