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Bright Light Therapy Essay Sample

Bright Light Therapy Essay Sample

The course bright light therapy is one of the major photo therapies that work as a remedy to certain psychological disorders effectively. The therapy is also termed light therapy or phototherapy that enables the students to learn about its subjective as well as practical knowledge.

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In such type of course, the students will get to learn about light, its effect, a way for treatment, methods and techniques to bestow such light, etc. Many disorders are not known to the medical science and experts of the stream working with the lights to procure the best solution for it.

Light therapy is known to be the best antidote for several disorders that can’t be cured by any other means in the medical field. The course bright light therapy is one of the core branch of physics that is not only about the theoretical part but also prepare the learners to conduct the same practically.

Bright light therapy introduces intending to treat certain disorders that can’t be cured by any other techniques. Light therapy is done with the exposure of light in the body of the person and with the help of such exposure in light, such person can be cured.

The course involves the features of bright light theory and the methods with the help of which any treatment can be remedied expeditiously. Light therapy involves stipulated methods, techniques and serves as the most effective way to treat disorders.

Bright Light Therapy Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the followers will be able to assess and explore the field of light therapy with the following learning outcomes:-

1.What do you mean by bright light therapy that can treat physiological disorders?

A branch of science named bright light therapy is relatively a new introduction that aims to alleviate the disorders in a person. The course delivers its session on the meaning is bright light therapy and the background, as to how the therapy introduces, what is the need for therapy, etc.

The course educates the learners about the significance of the therapy that reflects its characteristics and an essential component in furnishing the treatment. Light therapy is commonly used to alleviate the disorders relating to seasonally affective disorders, SAD, or govern the melatonin level in the blood.

The therapy proves to be fruitful in treating other common disorders as well and relatively gain exponential growth in the field of medical science. The course explains the reason for gaining such exponential growth of the course to the students and compares the treatment with other medication as well.

2.Critically analyze the significance of bright light therapy in comparison with other treatments that exist in medical science.

The course bright light therapy provides a platform to the learners to conduct a comparative study of the treatment with other pharmacological methods. It enables the students to review the importance of the therapy, as initially, it has been treating certain common disorders related to skin, sleep, blood, pain, etc.

With the advancement in medical science, the scope of bright light therapy broadened day by day and working as the most popular form to cure other disorders. The therapy substantiates the disorder that commonly relates to seasonal illness such as SAD which cannot be cured by any specific methods. The help of research conducted in the field of medical science leads to the introduction of light therapy that can cure seasonal disorders like SAD.

3.Explain the light therapy in light of curing the newly hotel disorder such as SAD.

This explains certain disorders that can only be cured with the help of light therapy and one of such illness is SAD the treatment of which were not known to the experts of medical science. Yet, light therapy is not a new treatment and can be traced to its roots from the time of Aristotle.

The course explains and describes the treatment found in ancient times and how the modification in such medication happens. The course involves the modern methods and techniques introduced by the experts of medical science. All such methods are explained in this course with certain practical experiments.

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4.How far the bright light therapy seems to be successful in the medical science field to treat the disorders.

The course explains the research studies, methodologies, experiments, and landmark cases that show the successful implementation of bright light therapy. The course discusses numerous successful implementations and enables the students to understand the impact of it in the body of the sufferer.

The course elucidates the role of melatonin that blends with the light therapy medication and shows slightly different from person to person. In this course, the learners explore the changes in the treatment of light therapy in the patient depending on the severity of the matter.

The course incorporates certain instances where such light therapy can be used such as hyperactivity, depression, retinal discomfort, etc. In the case of mania, the patient undergoes the supervision of physicians and experts where they expose to light therapy.

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