Constructor Pte Ltd has more than 500 Employees on the Global Scale and Has Achieved Excellent Record in Safety Certification: Safety, Health and Environmental Management Assignment, MDIS, Singapore

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University Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Subject Safety Health and Environmental Management


Undertaking A Step Platform Safety Improvement Project


Over the last decade, Constructor Pte Ltd has more than 500 employees on the global scale and has achieved excellent record in safety certification and award such as International Organization for Standardization standard (ISO) 9001/ 14001/ 45001, Green and Gracious Builders Scheme (GGBS), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) among others.


In the inspection debrief session after site inspection, the project manager suggested to formulate a task force team to explore and improve the makeshift platform for safe to use. He appointed me as a team leader and seek voluntary participation for those who wish to contribute to the course. He was referring to the observation during site walk (refer to figure 1 for illustration) Figure 1 and intended that I led the taskforce team to achieve the desire outcomes;

• Observe and identify makeshift step platform safety lapses.
• Explore improvement and assess study impact.
• Revisit, redesign and re-evaluate the improved step platform for effectiveness.
• Develop the Risk Assessments & Safe Work Procedure


Aim is to successfully adopt an ergonomic, safer, and user-friendly step platform. Ultimately resulting in a sound work platform and end user satisfaction that can be showcase in the Annual WSH Innovation Award.


1. Form a taskforce team.
2. Review the platform design and explore area of improvement as highlighted by project manager.
3. Consult with professional engineer for redesign step platform.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness.


This appears to be an additional workload which demand team member to chip in their effort and personal time. It also compelled them to take up roles like preparing the design, drawing, calculation of cost impact, consultation with professional and supervising the fabrication process. In addition, following are some other areas that contribute to project constraint,

• Changes in various processes timelines.
• Late material supplies.
• Impact of the adverse weather conditions.
• Team attending course to take up new skill set.
Most of these hiccups affect the team moral, I proposed an incentivize scheme to reward the team members upon project completion.

Project Completion

The taskforce team managed to redesign the step platform (refer to figure 2 work completion) and executed the finishing brilliantly according to project objectives.


Learning Outcome 1: Synthesize and demonstrate skills and competencies required for

successful integrated management.

Learning Outcome 2: Displays resourcefulness and initiative in tackling a variety of practical tasks in an occupational setting.

Learning Outcome 3: Examine the critical practical concerns that arise in carrying out a project within the workplace and synthesize the constraints that exist within such frameworks.

Learning outcome 4: Critically apply knowledge about the practical application and synthesize the different abilities required to implement the chosen client-based tasks.

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