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Psychology Research Paper Topics for Singapore College Students

As we all know psychology is the most fascinating and demanded field among Singapore students. It mainly deals with the subconscious mind of the people and everything in society directly or indirectly related to it.

As a practicing psychologist or a student studying therapy in Singapore, you need to research on too many topics in your day to day life.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

To help you with your research, we are providing a list of topics having great ideas and prepared by the specialist of our Singapore essay writing services. The students are totally free to opt for any one topic that matches up with your passion. Go till the end to opt for the best one.

 Research topics in clinical psychology:

  1. The reasons for which people should avoid consuming ADHD medicines.
  2. What are the impacts of the aging process on mental illness?
  3. The use of psychology for controlling chronic pain.
  4. What are the impacts of consuming drugs by a member of the family on other persons?
  5. The practice of cognitive-behavioral therapy for controlling addictions.
  6. The best therapy for treating childhood behavioral disorder.
  7. The best cognitive therapy for treating anxiety disorders and panic attacks.
  8. List the pros and cons of having online therapy.
  9. What is the best cure available for agoraphobia?
  10. What is the influence of social media addiction on people behavior?
  11. Role of PTSD in a clinical background.

Experimental psychology research topics about abnormal persons:

  1. What are the possible reasons for euthanasia?
  2. The possible reasons for teenage suicide.
  3. The factors are responsible for increasing anorexia in children.
  4. What is antisocial behavior?
  5. What do you understand by social pathology?
  6. What is sexual perversion?
  7. The major reasons for anorexia in adults.
  8. What are anxiety disorders?
  9. What leads people towards schizophrenic?
  10. Explain the person with multiple personality disorder.
  11. What are the possible reasons for the suicidal tendency in a person?

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Developmental psychology research topics:

  1. The psychological reasons for the existence of the aging process.
  2. The changes in short term memory with increasing age.
  3. Development of technology to tackle bullying.
  4. Do mental games such as Sudoku help elder people to keep their cognitive skills sharper?
  5. Factors responsible for increasing child abuse.
  6. What is the impact of birth order on procrastination?
  7. Role of media towards facilitating violence.
  8. Effect of bullying on student’s achievement.
  9. Does child development affect by parental development?
  10. What is the effect of listening to music while learning on the performance of exams of a person?
  11. Gender role and modern society.

Cognitive psychology research topics for college students:

  1. The impact of judgment in a decision-making capacity.
  2. What do you understand by cognitive psychology?
  3. The impact of ADHD on children’s development.
  4. Explain the term explicit memory.
  5. The effect of autism on modern society.
  6. Explain the term intelligence quotient.
  7. Measurement of critical thinking ability by using cognitive psychology experiments.
  8. Write an overview of intrapersonal communication.
  9. The use of color psychology in cognitive development studies.
  10. What is eyewitness memory?
  11. The best method to deal with memory loss.

Controversial topics in Social psychology for a research paper:

  1. Loss of pets and problems with family.
  2. What is the impact of our appearance on how people will respond to us?
  3. Relationship between social cognition and depression.
  4. Online social networking decreases real-life interaction among peoples.
  5. The people’s reaction to the violation of social norms.
  6. Prosocial behaviors and social psychology.
  7. How good are people at detecting lies?
  8. The major causes of prejudice and discrimination.
  9. Verbal communication v/s non verbal communication.
  10. The influence of society on children.
  11. How can you relate cultural influences with miscarriage?

Emotional health psychology research topics:

  1. The importance of playing in children life.
  2. What is separation anxiety disorder?
  3. Discuss the normal functioning of the brain.
  4. Effect of religion on mental health.
  5. The stages of brain development in infants.
  6. What is the best treatment for depression?
  7. What are the best natural alternatives to drugs important for mental health?
  8. Discuss the term psychopathology.
  9. The effect of colors on moods.
  10. Treatment for homeless mentally people.
  11. Effect of insomnia on mental state.

Women and mental health psychology research topics:

  1. The impact of changing the hormone level of a woman on her mental health.
  2. What is the reason that women face more mental problems than women?
  3. The role of parents in the mental health of their daughter.
  4. The causes of postpartum depression in women.
  5. Impact of relationship problems on the mental health of teen girls.
  6. Why do some mothers become so mentally ill that they harm their children?
  7. The contribution of women health on their mental health.
  8. Antidepressants side effects on women.
  9. The difference in the symptoms of stress between men and women.
  10. What is the reason that the number of women attempting suicide is more than men?
  11. Mental illness and women.

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Interesting Mental illness psychology research topics to talk about:

  1. Can mental illness be genetic?
  2. The impact of obesity on mental health.
  3. What do you understand by sensory deficit disorder?
  4. The reasons that lead children to the path of self-destruction.
  5. Colour and mental health.
  6. Which is worse for returning soldiers, their physical or their mental injuries?
  7. More mental illness: men v/s women.
  8. What are the causes of ADHD?
  9. How can you come to know about your mental illness?
  10. The reasons for which teenagers cut themselves.
  11. Explain obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Undergraduate research paper topics Psychology about treatment:

  1. What is the relation of vitamins and minerals with mental health?
  2. What is the best cure for ADHD?
  3. How can people overcome their fears?
  4. What is the role of music therapy?
  5. Differentiate a counselor, psychologist, and psychiatrist.
  6. What is the best treatment to help mentally ill homeless people?
  7. What are the uses of neurofeedback therapy?
  8. Is marital counseling effective?
  9. Role of art therapy for a mentally ill patient.
  10. What is the best treatment for bulimia?
  11. What is the best treatment for a person suffering from OCD?

Personality psychology research paper topics:

  1. Do people tend to choose pets based on their personality types?
  2. The connection between art and personality disorder.
  3. Impact of type A behavior in the school’s success.
  4. Personality factor v/s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  5. What is the relationship between personality type and tendency to cheat on exams?
  6. Compare people with high self-esteem v/s low self-esteem.
  7. Is it necessary to marry a person having the same personality?
  8. What is the comparison for personality assessment?
  9. Personality traits and prosocial behaviors.
  10. The relation of temperament with creativity.

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