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List of Abbreviations in Dissertation

In the previous article, we have studied How to write an Acknowledgement. Now in this article, we will gain knowledge about the list of Abbreviations.

Students Pursuing a Ph.D. from the college of Singapore has to prepare a professional dissertation for getting the degree. While preparing the dissertation, students often get confused about where to include the list of abbreviations. They have a question of whether the list of Abbreviations can be included in the table of content or not. Our expert team of Singapore Assignment help by writing this article has provided answers to student queries. You can see the answers below.

List of Abbreviations in Dissertation

Abbreviations definition

Abbreviations are basically a short form of long sentences. If you have utilized many abbreviations then in such case use should prepare a list of such phrases with is definitions. You should arrange the list of abbreviations in alphabetical order. It is the tactic that will help you in increasing the readability of the research paper.  When the abbreviation list is arranged in Alphabetical order it helps readers in getting themselves familiar with Unknown terms.

Where do abbreviations go into a dissertation?

You need to include a list of Abbreviations at the starting of the dissertation but after the table of the content page. List of abbreviations you could include in the table of contents.  .When you are only utilizing only a few abbreviations then you need not prepare a List of Abbreviations.

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List of Abbreviation:  Example

Some key abbreviations and their definitions

List of AbbreviationsDefinition or meaning
ACSAccrediting Commission for Schools
EBICSThe emergent behavior of integrated cellular systems
IKEAHong Kong Examination authority

How to use Abbreviations?

At the time of preparing the list of Abbreviations for the dissertation, you need to utilize a few rules. When utilizing Acronym you should use the initial letter of each word in a phrase, you need to write the first phase completely and put abbreviations in Parentheses. After completing all the procedure you can you utilize acronym in the content of your entire dissertation.

Acronym in the dissertation

Example: At the time of the investigation, the Data management system (DMS) is observed in Telsa Ltd. DMS system has been utilized in Telsa Ltd for many years for managing and controlling the flow of information. The main objective of implementing the DMS system in Telsa is to prevent business data from unauthorized usage.

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Abbreviations- APA style

While writing the abbreviations of APA style, you need to fulfill additional requirements.

Other types of lists in Dissertation?

Like a list of Abbreviations, there are other types of lists which you should include in the dissertation are:

  • Table of contents
  • List of tables and figures
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Glossary

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