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International Business Management Research Topics Updated Till 2020

Are you a Singaporean student and get entered in the business management or MBA field, then you have to write many international business management research paper topics with better quality to score well.

International Business Management Research Topics

There are some top business schools available in Singapore for which students might be interested to get enrolled and that is:

When the students get the research paper to write about in a business management field, the first challenge they have to face is to choose the right interesting topic.

A random pick might lead to failure or low grade. Today there are many topics in the business world that need to get covered. To ease your task of topic searching, we have prepared a top list of topics with the help of our best essay writers.

List of International Business Law Topics for Research Proposal/ Paper:

For any company or corporation, it is very important to maintain law and order for successful growth. Choose any of the topics from the below list to get inspired:

  1. What is the necessity of the death penalty in some corporate crime?
  2. How e-commerce influenced by legal laws?
  3. Is it necessary for the authors to protect their writings by using legal names?
  4. What are the general effects of business insolvency laws?
  5. How can we relate laws of sale and consumption of alcohol with the public’s wellbeing?
  6. Compare the business laws of the Islamic world and Western countries.
  7. What are the benefits of a nondisclosure agreement for the betterment of companies?
  8. Nonsmoking laws and hotel business administration.
  9. The changes in the definition of insider trading with time.
  10. Discuss the significance of copyright and trademark rights and the chances of their failure.

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List of Business Communication Research Paper Topics:

Effective business communication is very essential for improving your business and for effective business and staff management. Learn by writing on a suitable topic on business communication:

  1. Significance of active listening in business communication.
  2. Importance of organisational communication.
  3. How can we differentiate general communication from business communication?
  4. What are the key issues in organizational communication?
  5. What are the different mediums of business communication?
  6. What is the effective process to manage uncertainty in organizational communication?
  7. Differentiate between internal and external business communication.
  8. Handbook of corporate communication and public relations.
  9. Business communication and its elements.
  10. Timely, continuous and credible communication and perceived organizational effectiveness.

Small Business Research Paper Topics for college students to Write About:

There are a lot of challenges faced by small businesses in the business world. It is very beneficial to write a research paper about small businesses. You can anyone from below list:

  1. Top 10 countries to open small businesses in 2020.
  2. The effect of social media on small business’s innovation ability.
  3. Working strategies for small business promotion.
  4. How entrepreneurship and ICT influence small-sized businesses?
  5. How to create a healthy work environment in small corporations?
  6. Small businesses, radical innovation and financing cost.
  7. Significance of social media marketing for small businesses.
  8. Future management change in small businesses.
  9. Psychological tricks used by small businesses to make people purchase their products.
  10. Significance of social media advertising and growth of SMEs.

Argumentative Business Research Paper Topics for College Students:

The best argumentative international business assignment topics
of research paper  for Singapore students to write for their college assignments:

  1. What is the use of social media campaigns and digital marketing in attracting more audiences?
  2. Why mergers are better than acquisitions in terms of businesses?
  3. The benefits that should be given to labor by companies for increasing profits.
  4. Difference between product-oriented businesses and market-oriented businesses.
  5. Is it beneficial to hire new employees by giving them better value?
  6. How can we improve leadership quality?
  7. Differentiate between monetary incentives and fringe benefits.
  8. How can we better differentiate between a leader and follower?
  9. What are the services-oriented businesses?
  10. Animal testing in companies.

Topics for PhD in International Business:

For a PhD in International Business, students having a background in finance, economics, accounting and business are preferable. However relevant topics and information are provided in this educational program with a detailed overview.

Topics might vary from one to another course works of different universities but these are some of the common topics for PhD in International Business:

  1. Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in International Business.
  2. Global Business Strategy employed in the process of International Business.
  3. How does Multinational Marketing play a vital role in International Business?
  4. The Privatization, costs and benefits & long-term implications.
  5. Implementation of Theories of Globalization in International Business.
  6. Different areas of Multinational Finance.
  7. Advanced Quantitative Methods in International Business.

Free Business Ethics Research Paper Topics:

Business ethics are very important for the proper development of business. See the list of top 10 business ethics research paper topics:

  1. What are the best methods to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace?
  2. Benefits of ethical decision making in online business environments.
  3. What are the effects of moral principles on business decision making?
  4. Explore the business code of ethics through the management perspective.
  5. What are the causes of unethical behaviors in the workplace?
  6. Importance of business ethics in the share market.
  7. Big ethical mistake and bankruptcy.
  8. Exploitation, bribery and corporate egoism.
  9. Discuss the history and psychology of business ethics.
  10. Write an investigation of pharmaceutical representatives. Gift giving and business ethics.

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Dissertation topics for Business:

Students pursuing diverse course programs in the field of business, need to write dissertations for their assignments.

Some of the general dissertation topics for business courses are:

  1. Depict the manner by which organizations can transform debt into equity for financial benefits.
  2. Ethical Management and Business Sustainability
  3. A correlation of real estate businesses in rural and urban areas just as the contrasts among commercial and residential real estate businesses
  4. An analysis of poor monetary administration choices that prompted the destruction of a significant worldwide organization
  5. By what means can current organizations use telecommuting build efficiency?
  6. How significant is it for little to medium size organizations to publicize their items?
  7. What challenges would businesses be able to confront when attempting to uphold international patent laws?
  8. What difficulties are looked at by global organizations according to business hours and time zones, and how can organizations defeat these issues?
  9. The significance of cultural awareness when leading business with foreign companies
  10. The significance of top-notch information technology management in advanced organizations.

Business Management Research Paper Topics:

Business management is a fine theme to write about and learn a lot about the growth of the business. Here we are providing top 10 innovative topic ideas for Singapore students with the help of our MBA essay writing services:

  1. Discuss the relationship between social entrepreneurship and enterprise.
  2. Mostly used software to analyze consumer behavior in business services.
  3. Women as entrepreneurs.
  4. Criteria for deciding employees’ salaries when the company is facing a financial crisis.
  5. What are the effective methods for crisis management in an organization?
  6. The most important step in business analysis is tough to perform.
  7. The major issues faced by business start-ups.
  8. What is the effective method of doing pestle analysis correctly?
  9. How the conflicts can be managed in a team?
  10. The important tools of pestle analysis in business management.

Business management thesis topics:

Some of the most common and vital topics for business management thesis are:

  1. Management strategy and social networks
  2. Business methodologies for environmental leadership: supportability matters
  3. Re-evaluating the manner in which they work together: AT&T investigation
  4. Maintainability in business: strategies and results
  5. Working with Generation X representatives: the food industry
  6. Mentorship: spreading a culture of advancement
  7. The distinction between pioneers and managers: an investigation of new businesses (start-ups)
  8. Tips to profitability: arranging work life
  9. The Strategic Corporal: an investigation of the viability
  10. Organizational achievement: military aptitudes used

International Business Report/ Research Topics for Projects:

Through this, MBA pursuing students of Singapore get the chance to write on topics of businesses that are globally important. See some of the unique topic ideas for the business report writing:

  1. List some International business languages.
  2. Difference between online modes of business promotion and the traditional ones.
  3. Is it necessary for companies to be present on social media?
  4. How is knowing business rivals policies related to the success of your business?
  5. Success factors for small businesses.
  6. The role of the human resource management team in the management of the business on foreign territory.
  7. Do governments profit from wars?
  8. How can we differentiate consumer behavior analysis in local and international businesses?
  9. What is the role of geographical changes in the consumer behavior of businesses?
  10. The significance of having a good bond between your local and international employees.

Topics for International Business project:

Business projects are the ones which can be considered as the ground for business growth.

These are some important topics for International Business project:

  1. An assessment of the international monetary fund (i.m.t) loan policy on developing economy
  2. Innovative estimation in the mining business according to naturally cordial mining
  3. The power sector and industrial development in Ireland (case: power holding company of Ireland)
  4. The effect of the worldwide money related emergency on business enterprise improvement
  5. Problems of financing international trade
  6. The role of banks in international trade
  7. Impact of containerization in international purchasing
  8. The impact of foreign capital in entrepreneurship management and development
  9. Personnel training and development as a tool for organisational efficiency
  10. Female enterprise development

Research Paper Topics on Business Administration and Management:

Writing on a business administration research topic is very important for academic success. We have created a list of interesting business administration topics for your betterment:

  1. Discuss the management and measuring of employee retention.
  2. What is the impact of material management on the profitability of the manufacturing company?
  3. What is the impact of advertisements on consumer behavior?
  4. Assessing the effect of material handling on the profitability of a manufacturing company.
  5. How can staff motivation increase productivity?
  6. Bookkeeping practices in small and medium scale enterprises.
  7. How can you relate wages with employee productivity?
  8. The impact of company income tax revenue on the developing economies.
  9. How can you relate to strategic management and productivity?
  10. What is the effect of advertising on consumer patronage?

Latest Interesting Business Research Proposals Topics:

As the complexity level of businesses increases, it is very important to choose the right business research paper topic and tricky too. Browse some interesting research paper topics below; present it after doing proper research:

  1. How can we create a healthy work environment?
  2. Can we see social media as a new market?
  3. The challenges faced by small enterprises.
  4. Discuss the relationship between governments and private businesses.
  5. Top 5 countries to invest money in 2020.
  6. How can we maintain a balance between increasing production and ecology?
  7. Explain briefly: business leadership.
  8. How can we relate business with copyright law?
  9. Difference between franchising and opening your own business.
  10. Cultural differences in terms of business in different countries.

International market research topics:

These are some of the wonderful international market research topics:

  1. The Marketing Plan: How to Prepare and Implement It
  2. Consumer Purchase Behavior by Industry, Device, and Country
  3. Why a Global Content Model Makes Sense in Today’s Market?
  4. Localizing Your Website Can Help You Win Customers
  5. Steps for a Successful Multilingual Marketing Campaign
  6. Factors that influence the level of impulse buying
  7. The effect of the recession on promotional activities
  8. The connection between the client’s internal usage practices utilization practices and attention to internal publicizing
  9. Market passage system in a developing business sector utilizing a nation of origin information
  10. What Marketers Need to Know About Going Global

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