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Conceptual Framework: Moderator Variables

Besides limiting the conceptual framework to a dependent or independent variables, you can add other types of variables such as moderator variable.  Students pursuing a Ph.D. often face issues in understanding moderator variables in the conceptual framework. In this article, our expert research paper writing team is providing you with an idea about How to expand the conceptual framework by including the moderator variable?

Conceptual Framework Moderator Variables

What are the moderator variables in research?

Moderator variables are those variables in the study which increase or decreases influence which an independent variable has on dependent variables. It is a type of variable that alters the influence that other elements of study have on relation between cause and effect. Moderator can also be referred to as a feature of experimental situation which may alter the size of the influence of the treatment.

It is the moderator variable in the study which will help you in addressing the situations which could highly influence participants. A moderator variable represents the procedure through which independent variables influence dependent variables.

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Expansion of conceptual framework using moderator variables

Creating a conceptual framework can be helpful in exploring the relationship between cause and effect. While determining the relationship between cause and effect you often have to deal with moderator variables.

Example of moderator variables: The number of hours John study would have a significant influence on his score in the exam.  It is logical to say that if John will study more than he would get a high score in exams.  In this example till now there are only two variables that are independent and dependent variables. The independent variable in this example is the number of study hours and the exam score is the dependent variable.

Now let’s add moderator variable that is IQ.  Changes in IQ level of John will have an influence on other variables such as study hours and exam scores.

If the IQ level of John is high then in such a case he will need to spend less time studying. In other words, if the IQ level of John is high then he can obtain a high score in the exam without devoting much time to study. The moderator variable in the study will reduce the influence of hours of study on marks in the exam. In simple words, moderator variables intervene the relationship between dependent and independent variables.

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If John will study more than he will obtain good results in the exam.  John would have a high IQ level then he will get 100 percent marks in the exam.

Note: here you should note that changes in the value of IQ level have a significant influence on study hours and exam scores.


It has been concluded from the above article that moderator variables have a significant effect on cause and effect variables. Another fact which we can conclude from above is that moderator variables change the influence which independent variable has on the dependent

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