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Conceptual Framework: Mediator Variables

In the existing article, we have learned about Dissertation conceptual framework and moderators.  Previous articles on the conceptual framework consist of the meaning of independent and dependent variables in the conceptual framework. Now in this article, we will gain knowledge about mediator variables in the conceptual framework

Conceptual Framework: Mediator Variables

The mediator variable in the conceptual framework is a fundamental part of the relationship between cause and effect. Students pursuing undergraduate or Masters’s often face difficulty in understanding the way independent variables affect dependent variables. Our dissertation writing team intends to help students by explaining the concept of mediators.

What are the mediator variables?

Mediator variables in the conceptual framework of a research paper are basically found between dependent and interdependent variables in the research paper. It basically governs the relationship between two different variables of the study. It mainly emphasizes on analyzing the effect of one variable on other. Mediator variables also focus on the relationship between two variables of research.

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Example of Mediator variables

If Samantha will spend more time studying (independent variables) then she will obtain a high score in the exam (dependent variables).  A cause and effect relationship exists here that means if Samantha will invest more time on study then she surely will achieve high grades in the exam. It means that studying hours has a significant influence on grades in the exam.

Now let’s add new variables in the conceptual framework that “number of practical issues.”  If John will solve a number of practical problems then he would definitely get high marks in the exam. By adding the mediator variables you will be able to strengthen the cause and effect relationship.  Let’s add a mediator variable between then statements would be like if John will spend more time on studying he will resolve a number of practical problems and would get a good score.

What is the difference between mediators, moderators and control variables?

The difference between mediator, moderator and control variables are:

MediatorModerator Control variables
Mediator variables in research paper act as translators which helps independent variables in influencing the dependent variables. Moderator variables act as catalysts and help in strengthening the relationship between independent and dependent variables. In other words, an important function of moderator variables is to establish a relationship between dependent and independent variables.Control variables are basically not a part of the research study but still they have a significant effect on independent and dependent variables.
Example:  Brand knowledge has a great influence on brand loyalty.  A mediator that can be added is an attitude towards the brand.Example: In an article on a moderator variable we have added “IQ” as a moderator in the example of John. We cannot consider “IQ” as a mediator variable there because the number of study hours is an independent variable that does not have an influence on IQ.


Example: if the price will increases it will have a significant effect on demand. In such cases you cannot ignore the price of substitute goods.


It has been concluded from the above that mediator variables lie between independent and dependent variables. Another fact which has been concluded is that by including the mediator variables we can strengthen the relationship between two different variables.

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