Posted on: 4th May 2020

Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive Research Design

A descriptive research design is a study which researcher design for accurately depicting the participants.

In this article, our professionals are providing the students with proper guidance related to when to use and How to apply Descriptive research design.

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Descriptive Research Design: Definition and Example

Descriptive research design can be referred to as a scientific method that includes observation and description of the behavior of people without affecting it in any manner.  You can utilize the descriptive design of research in different fields such as psychology, social science for getting a general overview of the subject.

The main purpose of the descriptive research design is to describe characteristics of population, situation, and phenomenon accurately and systematically.  In the context of descriptive research design as similar to the experimental research design, the investigator does not control any variable. They only observe and measure the variables in the study.

Uses of  Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive research design is considered being as suitable when you intend to find characteristics, trends, categories, frequencies, and Correlations between two or more variables. You can also utilize a descriptive research design when you have in-depth knowledge about the topic. Before starting to perform research you need to determine the research topic. It is also very much crucial for

For you to first understand how, when, and where specific phenomenon takes place.

Examples of Descriptive research Questions

  • How the method of doing business has changed over a period of time?
  • Whether product x or product y is preferred by you.
  • What are the famous online students, sources among under 18 of age,

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Descriptive Research methodology

In the context of Descriptive research design, you can utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods. It is very much essential for you to carefully design an appropriate research design, as this is a tactic that will help you in making sure that research results are highly reliable and valid.

Different types of research methodologies are:

1. Surveys

Survey researcher enables you to collect large volumes of information that can be analyzed for frequencies, patterns, and averages. They are a basic method in Correlational research, a type of descriptive research that aims to identify the relationship between variables. Other basic uses of the survey include:

  • Describe the demographics of a country
  • Gauging public opinion on political and social topics.
  • Evaluate satisfaction with organization goods or services.

2. Observation

Observation as a descriptive research design enables researchers to collect information related to the behavior of people and also about phenomenon without depending on the accuracy and honesty of respondents. It is a research method that the researcher mainly utilizes for performing research in psychological, market, and social research. It is an observation research descriptive research method which helps investigator in developing the understanding about the way people act in real-life situations.

Observation of physical entities and phenomenon is a crucial part of research in natural sciences. You can create develop testable hypothesis models.  It is very much essential to observe and provide a systematic description of the subject under investigation.

3. Case study

It is the research method in a descriptive research design. Besides accumulating fact or a large volume of data for identifying patterns across patterns and location.  It is an experimental research design; the main purpose of a researcher is to describe the generalisability of facts.  While using case study research design you need to mainly emphasize unique or interesting facts that challenge assumptions and add complexity. It also reveals new facets of the Research problem.


From the above article, it has been concluded that a case study as a research method of descriptive research design mainly emphasizes challenging assumptions. The other thing which has been found from the above is that descriptive research design helps researchers in describing the characteristics of the population.

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